The experiences are waiting for you.

The stories come as a bonus.

We provide great experiences and memories. We have been doing it since 1999.

Activities are our arena, engaging, mastering and providing great experiences! We help small and large groups "come up with something" whether it's on land or water, in Norway or abroad. With 300 productions per year, we have profound experience in fulfilling your wishes, on time and at an agreed price!


RIB tour in the archipelago or Oslofjorden.

iPad race

Treasure hunt with iPad.

Soapbox racer derby

Back to childhood.


Engaging tasks.

Average Joe’s bootcamp

2, 1, Attention, Stand, at ease.

Amazing race

Turn transport into an activity.

Champion of Champions

Test yourself in well-known exercises.

Bachelor/Bachelorette party

A best man's dream.


13 digits, 3 attempts, 1 hour.

Film awards

Movie star for a day.

Murder at the hotel

Who is the murderer?

Paint and sip

Teambuilding with paint and acrylic.


Memorable food experiences.


Trip to the national park inside the Oslofjord archipelago.

Exotic places

Gems in the Oslofjord archipelago.


Regatta in the Oslofjord archipelago.