Pentathlon, play, fun and team building, all in one package!

Number of participants

10 – 500 people


2 - 4 hours


All year round

Since ancient Greece, play and competition have existed and have become a cornerstone of today's modern society.

The exercises and tasks we provide are more playful and fun, than ancient Greece’s hard competitions and "fighting." Creativity, collaboration, and good communication are good qualities to solve the practical and logical tasks we offer. Here, the focus is on group mentality, creative solutions and having fun together.

Each team of 6-10 participants will solve the different tasks together in a fun and efficient way. It all ends with a grand final to determine the winning team. Together we find suitable tasks depending on location, time, and how physical you want it.

This is a team building option where we get feedback from customers who say "this was suitable for ALL of us" or "just right for us."


Number of participants: 10-500 people

Number per team: 5-10 people

Season: All year round

Duration: 2-4 hours

Other: Conducted throughout the Eastern Norway region

Can be arranged in Norwegian and English.

Equipment and safety

Tailored to your wishes and the desired level of difficulty.

We bring first aid equipment to all events.

Success criteria


Informal competition in unusual surroundings

Varied tasks that challenge in different ways, practical, theoretical, and logical.

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