Film award

Here, everyone can realize their childhood dream of being an actor for a day.

Number of participants

10 – 40 pers


3-4 hours


All year round

On December 28th, 1895, the world's first public film screening took place in Paris. Since then, film and acting have evolved to become what we see on TV today. 

Most of us grew up watching TV and dreaming of one day ending up on screen, and now we're giving you the opportunity to realize that dream.

In groups of 6-8 people, you'll plan, direct, and film your own short film. Who will be the cameraman, who will be responsible for costumes, and who will fill the different roles in the film? We provide the camera, props, and all necessary equipment. All you need is creativity and a good attitude.

Advertisement, comedy, action? You decide the theme in advance. While you have dinner, we'll edit the films according to your wishes. After dessert, there will be a screening and award ceremony. Evening entertainment is guaranteed.

The cherry on top
If you want the cherry on top, we can help you create your own Oscar ceremony. Best male/female actor, best action scene, best script, or your own ideas for awards. We provide Oscar statuettes, confetti, and the presenters will, of course, be in tuxedos.


Number of participants: 10-40 pers

Number per group: 5-10 people

Season: All year round

Duration: 3-4 hours

Other: We handle editing and effects and provide guidance on how to structure the film.

Can be arranged in Norwegian and English.

Equipment and safety

Digital video camera

Props of various kinds

Success criteria

Our success criteria lie in engaging the participants in different ways, where cooperation, creativity, and expression are important.

This task requires both "thinkers and doers" to work together effectively.

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