iPad race

Competition, play, and fun!

Number of participants

20 - 250 people


2 - 4 hours


All year round

For many, treasure hunts or scavenger hunts are the very definition of play and fun from childhood and adolescence. Questions, tasks, and fun challenges are ingredients for good experiences in a scavenger hunt. With our digital solution, we renew and enhance these experiences.

This activity starts with a common introduction that gives you an insight into today's activity. Furthermore, the digital platform takes you out of the meeting room and onto an adventure in the local area where practical, logical, and theoretical tasks await.

You navigate in Google maps and plan the strategy and route yourself to solve as many tasks as possible and earn points. The tasks are triggered by GPS locations and open when you are in the right place. In addition, there are "free tasks" that can be solved anywhere and at any time. Other competitive and exciting elements are our live scoreboard feature and the ability to chat in the game.

The most popular tasks in the game introduces the opportunity to film and take pictures.
Making music videos, dancing and singing, or parodying an internal meeting.

We combine photos and videos to create the day's big highlight: a film screening and award ceremony!


Number of participants: 20-250 people

Number per group: 5-8 people

Season: All year round

Duration: 2-4 hours

Other: Game type and difficulty level can be adapted

Can be arranged in Norwegian and English.

Equipment and safety

We always prioritize safety, this event can be done without any form of risk.

We have first aid equipment with us at all events

Success criteria

Engaging, innovative, motivating, and competitive

Suitable for everyone, both theoreticians and practitioners

Different courses, so that people cannot follow each other

Photos and videos along the way are guaranteed to exercise the laughter muscles.