Murder at the hotel

Who is the killer? An engaging murder plot with skilled actors.

Number of participants

10 - 150 people


2 - 2.5 hours


Indoor, all year round

Which team will uncover the murderer, the motive, and the sequence of events? Is it reception manager Britt Elisabeth Bakke, kitchen chef Ulf Carlsson, or bar pianist Pjotr who has something to hide?

Clues, evidence, stories, and tasks are scattered around the hotel. A completely different murder mystery and an entertaining revelation of the plot and the killer.

It is a great surprise team-building activity between the end of a meeting and dinner. The actors dressed up as hotel staff will run into the meeting room one by one and announce that the hotel manager has been found murdered. After an introductory game, the group is divided into teams that will assist the investigators in uncovering the murderer and the sequence of events.

Just before dinner, the group will come together for the final revelation. The winning team will be announced and rewarded, followed by the police report confirming the sequence of events and identifying the murderer.

The activity ends with an entertaining musical potpourri with the actors.


Number of participants: 10-150 pers

Duration: 2-2,5 time inkl intro og avslutning

Season: Indoor, all year round

Other: Can be held at a hotel, meeting room, or your own workplace

Can be arranged in Norwegian and English.

Equipment and safety

Adapted to the individual assignment and desired level of difficulty

We bring first aid equipment to all events.

Success criteria


Informal competition in unusual surroundings

Varied tasks that challenge in different ways, practical, theoretical, and logical.

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