Sailing, regatta or a peaceful trip on the sea.

Number of participants

10 boats, maximum 10 per boat


From 3 hours to 2 days


April - October

Sailing is excellent for team-building. We have a fleet of fast and fun ocean-going sailboats measuring 40-50 feet, suitable for 8-10 people per boat. Our experienced skippers introduce participants to the world of sailing, where tactics, strategy, sail trimming, and efficient teamwork is learned and tested.

After a quick safety briefing, boat introduction, and donning of safety equipment, we set sail and compete against each other. We assess the wind and adjust the intensity and number of regattas according to the guests' preferences.

The sailing experience can be concluded with a good lunch or dinner at the hotel, and of course, a formal award ceremony.

We provide floatation suits and safety equipment that fit well over regular leisure clothing. We also arrange for onboard food and drink service, support boats for larger events, and prizes according to prior agreement.

Getting the boat to sail fast and efficiently has many synergies directly applicable to the business world. Communication, task allocation, and collaboration are essential in both contexts.


Number of participants: 10 identical boats

Number per boat: 5-8 people ideally, maximum 10

Season: From April to October

Duration: From 3 hours to 2 days, including overnight sailing if desired

Other: Sailing trip or regatta

Can be arranged in Norwegian and English.

Equipment and safety

Safety suits and floatation vests for everyone

We have necessary navigation equipment, VHF, etc., on board

Before departure, we go through a safety briefing and allocate various tasks onboard

We have developed our own EHS-procedures, which is approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

A support boat is recommended when we have more than 3 sailboats.

Success criteria

Good and engaged skippers

Encourages full participation, even for inexperienced guests

Equal boats, equal sails, different crews, and teamwork

Engaging and perhaps the best arena for real team building

Many synergies that can be directly applied to a work environment.

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