Get to know us at All Onboard.

"We haven't heard of anyone who took care of their employees and regretted it."

We have been providing good experiences and memories since 1999.

Over the years, we have gained broad experience in what works best and what it takes to satisfy our customers. We also have the network necessary to offer you a complete event without any extra cost to you.

Safety is our top priority. That means we have professionally certified skippers and updated safety equipment at all times. Our overarching goal is for our guests to always feel safe.


We specialize in activities in the eastern part of Norway, where we provide both land-based and water-based activities. We arrange events wherever you are in the entire Oslofjord, from the Swedish border to Kragerø. The Jomfruland, Færder, or Hvaler National Park, unique archipelagos, rich history, and exciting islands make this an experience our guests will remember.

Success criteria

  • ZModern high-quality equipment
  • ZMotivated employees who are happy to go the extra mile
  • ZGood follow-up and planning of the event
  • ZWell-proven activities and destinations
  • ZCustomization of the trip and event to the guests' wishes and needs

Delivery guarantee

  • RAll Onboard has a delivery guarantee for all of our activities.
  • RWe guarantee a professionally executed event.
  • RIf, for safety reasons, the event cannot be carried out, we will offer an alternative location and/or activity in consultation with the customer. We deliver something that works, no matter what.
  • RFor us, safety comes first, and as long as it is safe, we will carry out the event.

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People you will meet:

Arne Georg Rønning

He enjoys being anywhere, especially when it involves activities or engaging guests. Owner and CEO of All Onboard and has been working with teams and activities since 1999. He especially enjoys being in a RIB or sailboat and is happy to go on trips with smaller groups in Norway and Europe. Development, sales, and team building are other tasks he handles at the firm.

Kristian Bartnes

Kristian always has a sparkle in his eye, a witty comment at the ready and a contagious charm and humor. He has a hand in all the productions on land and ensures that there is system and order in what we do. Kristian likes to exercise and keeps in shape.

Herman Wessel

Herman is a sailor and RIB skipper with extensive experience at sea, including on board the full-rigger Sørlandet and many hours on board boats and RIBs in particular. You will always get humor and a good story if you go on a trip with Herman. We also benefit from Herman's humor and great effort in land activities.

Bjørn Håkon Elgen Semb

Bjørn Håkon is a cheerful and welcoming guy. He works in project management and likes to combine logistics with great customer experiences to create the best event for you! Bjørn Håkon has extensive experience in All Onboard and carries out all types of events.

Isak Tønnesen

Engagement and joy characterize this great guy from Trøndelag. Solution-oriented, prepared, and ready for action early and late. Isak is also very good as an event speaker and in our land activities.

Helene Rønning Rustan

A mother of young children with a focus on logistics and attention to detail. Helene never says no and likes to go the extra mile for our guests. With many productions on land, she has been with us for a long time.

Eirik Rustan

This guy loves food and practical solutions and work. Eirik closely follows many projects, and is a great resource at our land activities.

Lars Lauritzen

With a background in the military and a love for order and system, Lars is a team player from handball and never afraid to lend a hand. Warehouse, logistics, and land activities are tasks that Lars performs brilliantly.

Mathias Cudrio

Sjømann på heltid og ribskipper i ledige turnusperioder. En glad gutt som liker å reise og oppleve nye ting. 

Lars Andreas Bjerck

Sjømann på heltid og ribskipper i ledige turnusperioder. Lars tar også vakter på Redningsskøyta i Horten. Seiler Melges på fritiden og er gjerne også med på landevent.

Pål Windingstad

Konsulent på heltid og ribskipper hos oss siden 2015. Pål er en glad gutt med masse humor og en dyktig formidler av historier. Seiler også så ofte han kan i sin First 40.7.